Smarter Balanced Testing

SBAC Scores 2015

Since this is the first year SBAC Scores are being reported, these are baseline results. Our staff and teachers are as new to this testing system as the kids are, and this is a learning experience for everyone. I am pleased where we are starting, particularly as we compare to the county and state results.
This begins a new era for us in looking at assessment results to help guide instructional decisions. As we venture into new territory, we will do it together. SBAC test scores are but one measure that we use to gauge our progress. 
As we compare the results of this new testing system to when we first began giving the California Standards Test in the early 2000s, our current test scores are positive. The baseline for the early CST scores had about 30-35% of our students scoring at proficient levels. As can be seen below, our baseline SBAC results are much higher than these.
The Kraemer staff accepts the challenge of increasing the learning opportunities for all students at our school. We have a team of dedicated and persevering educators who will work with our families to ensure our students are equipped to perform better on these assessments each coming year. 
(Note: One key difference between CSTs and SBAC scores is the breakdown. Previously, we had five categories: Advanced/Proficient/Basic/Below Basic/Far Below Basic. Under the new system, there are four bands: Exceeding Standards/Meeting Standards/Nearly Meeting Standards/Not Meeting Standards). 
Here is the breakdown for Kraemer: 
Overall: 58% Meeting or Exceeding Standards 
7th Grade: 56% Meeting or Exceeding (State: 44%; OC: 54%)
8th Grade: 60% Meeting or Exceeding  (State: 44%; OC: 55%)
Overall: 52% Meeting or Exceeding Standards
7th Grade: 52% Meeting or Exceeding (State: 34%; OC: 45%)
8th Grade: 52% Meeting or Exceeding (State: 33%; OC: 45%)
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